"One of the biggest highlights of the trip was our experience with Melanie, the yoga instructor. We have done yoga all over the world and she was by far the best instructor

we ever had.  We were fortunate enough to participate in private sessions with her every day. She is an extraordinary teacher!  It was challenging but fun at the same time."

                             - J.B., guest at St. Regis


We are a small and intimate Yoga and Pilates studio dedicated to giving students individual and personalized attention. Since we don't have a large staff of teachers, the group classes offered are limited and this allows us focus on the person while also preserving the teachings. 

Our Yoga isn't a "style" or brand, we honor the ancient teachings and apply yoga to the individual. The yoga we teach comes from a traditional method of passing down from teacher to student as taught by the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in India. Small group yoga classes and personalized one to one yoga classes are offered. 

The pilates classes we offer are athletic reformer group classes as well as private therapeutic pilates classes. 




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